Maya Papaya CSA has been delivering fresh, organic produce from organic Vermont farms to residents in the Boston area for years with our summer CSA. This got us thinking: what else does everyone love fresh for a difference you can taste? The answer: lobster!
New Englanders love their fresh caught lobsters, and Maya Papaya is bringing them right to your restaurant doorstep! From the rocky coast of Maine, we’ve partnered with one of the world’s top lobstermen, providing restaurant owners with quality, fresh lobsters right out of the Atlantic. Our lobsters come straight from Bath, ME to your kitchen, ready to serve up to your local seafood lovers.

Why Maine?

The world’s best lobster comes from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. So we figured it only made sense to partner with one of the top lobstermen in the world, directly off the piers of Bath, ME. Thanks to this partnership, we’re able to supply restaurants with the freshest lobster possible, at a great price, straight out of the crisp Atlantic water.

How it Works

Maya Papaya’s fresh Maine lobsters arrive at your restaurant door within 36 hours of coming out of the ocean waters! Fresh caught lobsters come alive and kicking in the very same salt water from which they came. Once a week, Maya Papaya drives our refrigerated trucks to Bath, ME where we fulfill our orders for next-day delivery to local restaurants. That’s it! Next-day delivery of just-caught Maine lobsters, brought right to your kitchen.

Why choose us?

Partnering with top lobstermen means providing fresh, delicious lobster at much lower prices than when purchasing from large commercial distributors. These commercial lobster distributors also buy in such a large bulk that they need to keep their catch alive in artificial blue tanks for days. The artificial water is then absorbed into the lobsters, changing the taste and affecting its natural flavor. Maya Papaya delivers the freshest quality Maine lobsters directly from the Atlantic Ocean in their own salt water, without ever holding the lobsters in artificial water. When cooked, the lobster meat is rich in the natural salt flavor of the Atlantic Ocean where they were caught – for a difference you can truly taste.

How much does it cost?

This weeks delivery’s start at just $4.75 per lb to Vermont Restaurants. Out of state delivery’s are priced on distance. Please call for pricing or fill out the form for more information.

When do I order?

Orders must be in and confirmed by Wednesday afternoon at 5pm for Friday delivery.

When will my order arrive at my restaurant?

Deliveries arrive on Friday afternoons with in 36 hours of coming out of the ocean water.

Where do we deliver?

We currently deliver to restaurants in the entire state of Vermont, and around New England.

Are you located within a 24-hour drive of Bath, Maine?

If you want fresh lobster delivery direct from Maine to your restaurant door, let us know! Get in touch and we’ll discuss starting deliveries to your area.

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