At Maya Papaya CSA, we deliver quality, fresh foods throughout New England to residents and restaurants alike. What began with a simple summer CSA has expanded to wholesale delivery of the most flavorful ingredients to make your menus shine. Delivering meats of all kinds from Boston up to Vermont and surrounding areas, Maya Papaya knows that your restaurant customers love fresh ingredients for a difference you can taste.

Why choose local?

The difference between fresh, local and organic meats and what you can buy at the store is one you can taste. When it comes to meats, what goes into the animal is what goes into your body. Grass fed beef, pig, lamb, and well-kept poultry from local sources means knowing not only what has gone into your food, but also knowing exactly where it comes from.

How does it work?

Once a week, our Maya Papaya drivers pick up delicious, fresh cuts of meat from Boston distributors and bring it all north to Vermont and surrounding New England areas. When the truck is loaded up, we drive it straight to your restaurant door, ready to be served up to hungry patrons who love the true taste of quality. Straight from Boston to your restaurant tables, we deliver a true, unprocessed dining experience.

When do I order?

Place your order by phone, text, or email before 10pm on Wednesdays.

When will my order arrive?

Deliveries are made on Thursdays. Your order will be delivered to your restaurant door, straight from Boston.
Random Boneless: $1.55
Whole Birds: $1.44
Whole Wings: $53 case
Party Wings: $62.50 case
Bell and Evans Whole Bird: $2.10
Ribeye: $6.99
Beef Back Rib: $2.10
Short Ribs: $4.43
0x1 Strips: $6.35
Short Loins 0x1: $5.99
Top Butts XL: $3.83
PSMO Tenderloin: $12.83
Flap Meat: $5.39
Peeled Flap Meat: $7.20
Flank: $4.91
Chuck Roll, Neck Off: $3.95
Chuck Tenders: $3.83
Brisket: $2.99
Flats: $4.05
Ground Beef 10#: $3.50
Ground Beef Special Blend: $3.85
80/20 Hamburger Mix: 4/5 $3.50
Beef Patties 4-8 oz:. $3.40
Fine Grind Chuck 80/20 80#: $3.50
Fine Grind 81/19 40#: $3.50
New Zealand Lamb
French Rack 12-14 oz.: $9.88
French Rack 14-16 oz.: $9.88
Plumrose Layout Bacon: 18-22 $2.99
Indiana Platter Bacon 14-18 30#: $2.41
Indiana Single Sliced Bacon 18-22: $2.57
Indiana Single Sliced Bacon 14-18: $2.57
Applewood Smoked Bacon 16-18: $3.40
Hatfield hotel style 16-18: $3.15
Chef pleasure thick 14-18: $3.29
Hat sliced slab 9-11: $3.19