Organic Meat

Organic Meat

When it comes to meats, what goes into the animal is what goes into you and your family’s meals. Grass fed beef, pig, and lamb from a local farm means knowing not only what has gone into the meat you’re consuming, but also knowing exactly where it comes from.
Maya Papaya offers whole half cuts to keep your freezer stocked with healthy, local protein. Say goodbye to processed, shrink-wrapped meats, and taste the difference of fresh, grass fed beef, pig, and lamb.

What does grass-fed really mean?

Grass-fed animals are not kept in cages or fed unhealthy grain mixes or chemicals. Pasture-raised means the farmer uses rotational grazing to provide the highest quality forage for their animals during the growing season. The main forage types are ladino clover, perennial ryegrass and native grasses such as timothy and orchard. These grasses for forage are natural and healthy for the animals and, therefore, more healthy for you.

Why grass fed beef?

Grass fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, conjugated linoleic acid, and are much lower in fat and calories than grain fed beef.

How it Works

Shares will be offered in whole halves of beef, pig, and lamb. All meats are processed in a USDA facility packaged and delivered directly to your home.

What is the Cost?

1/2 Cow: $1600, approximately 400 lbs.
1/2 Pig: $500, approximately 100 lbs.
1/2 Lamb: Call for pricing
Enjoy the safety and health benefits of knowing where your food comes from. Call Maya Papaya CSA to inquire about grass fed bulk meats.