We’ve been loving our weekly shares – thank you! The fresh veggies have been an inspiration to spend more time in the kitchen. We’ve eaten so many more salads (lettuce=yum) and gotten really creative (parsley pesto, lettuce wraps with that awesome Boston lettuce). Excited to find something new to do with kale this week. And the basil smells amazing!
Elana Premack Sandler

“Loved the Beets last week!Grilled Steak,Topped with Mashed Beets w/Horseradish & Wilted Beet greens! YUM!”
Brad Pirkey

I LOVE everything we get every week from here. It truly is the right size for our small family. I always appreciate it when my 8 yr old son is psyched to see what’s “in the bag”. His absolute faves are the basil, broccoli (seriously!!) and cukes!
Karen McInnis

I love maya papaya. Cannot wait for the deliveries to start again at Healthworks Chestnut Hill!
Linda Rae Brodt

I have a beautiful green tomato in my share this week!
Kristin Woodruff